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Welcome to Trident College

A place where students and teachers form a strong community, extending beyond the classroom, where numbers don’t replace names and everyone is valued. It’s a place where lifelong friendships are forged, where lives are changed and the world is changed as a result.

Trident College is an international boarding school and community where the aspirations and potential of every student are fostered, nurtured, and challenged. We are dedicated to inspiring within each student the pursuit of knowledge, the love of wisdom, an appreciation for beauty and the development of strong character. These values, coupled with physical activity, artistic endeavours, and service to others are the foundations of the school ethos. The experience at Trident College is unique. Few other places have the benefit of a game reserve on their doorstep with excellent educational facilities and teachers from all over the world.

Countless Programmes, One Purpose.

Teaching & Learning

We aim to unlock each child’s unique potential through providing holistic educational opportunities

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Creativity is unlimited. It is the intent of our creative departments to allow students the opportunity to explore techniques of creativity.

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School Life & Activities

Trident College focuses on creating a safe and secure environment that is home to both boarding and day students where we provide the level of care, support and challenge to develop happy, resourceful and assured individuals.

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Take a Tour

Some highlights of life at Trident College

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Enquire Further

Our school is lively and inviting with multiple events and opportunities for you to be involved. We hope you come for a visit to feel for yourself the atmosphere of excitement our school provides. If your family is looking at options for a new school, learn more about what Trident College has to offer you.

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