Creativity is unlimited. It is the intent of the Creative Department at Trident College is to nurture students through independent learning, a desire to engage, explore and express with different media and techniques. Be it in the language of Visual Art, Design and Technology or Music

Engaging all the above areas of study and more, Trident College hosts an annual Eisteddfod to build confidence, celebrate and showcase cultural excellence.

Trident Eisteddfod

The Trident Eisteddfod is an inter-house Arts and Cultural festival which takes place in the first term where students are free to choose to participate in a range of activities. Every student in the College must participate in at least one activity. The success and value of the Eisteddfod lies in its diversity of activities, in its creative processes and in its ability to extract a sense of passion in students; it is an event that requires motivation and negotiation, leadership skills and team effort, and for students to challenge themselves in things that they would not normally do. The Visual Arts and Industrial Design require teams to work on projects while Photography is judged on an individual basis. All students are required to be part of the House singing while Music can be an individual or group piece. Drama is a compulsory activity for Year 7 to Year 11 where cross curricula learning takes place and the English Literature texts are dramatized. Public Speaking consists of debate, speeches, monologues, performing poetry and one minute teasers. When Eisteddfod arrives, spirits have reached fever pitch and the Houses compete over four days culminating in the Inter-House singing.

Arts education refers to education in the disciplines of music, design and visual arts. Study in the arts is integral to our society. ... The arts are what make us most human, most complete as people. The arts cannot be learned through occasional or random exposure any more than math or science can.

Benefits of Art Education