Visual Arts

"Creativity is unlimited. It is the intent of the Visual Arts Department at Trident, to nurture students through independent learning a desire to engage, explore and express with different media and techniques the language of visual creativity that is Art."

The art curriculum offers comprehensive areas of study which are: Painting and related media; Printmaking; Three-dimensional studies; Photography; Graphic communication and Textile design. Painting and related media focuses on direct observation to explore art elements and principles in design while Printmaking explores image making. Learners experiment and develop ideas through silkscreen and lino printing. In our three dimensional studies, we cover essential knowledge in ceramic construction; drying; decorating and glazing methods. Photography allows the learners to record an expressive response to the world around them either in black and white or colour. Graphic communication is geared to challenge the learners to analyse a task and create a practical design solution. Tie dying; batik; and screen printing are some of the different application methods with which the learners become familiar with in Textile design. Our curriculum is based on the Cambridge International Syllabus, and we aim towards building learners for excellence in our dynamic and demanding Visual Art Studies.

2022 InkTober Winners and entries