“Trident pupils will honour their commitment to live by the values of the College”

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" We take time to reflect on our achievements and challenges by thoughtfully considering our experiences and what we have learned. We are resilient as we build on our strengths and use our mistakes as opportunities to learn and improve."

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"Respect is at the core of who we are. We respect our environment, property, the people with whom we live and our Creator. We embrace multiple faiths, beliefs, and cultures as we celebrate our diversity and common humanity."

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“The world is changing exponentially. Individuals who succeed into the future will have a world view, they will be be creative, collaborative and have an entrepreneurial attitude to life. At Trident we engender a sense of independent enquiry in an atmosphere where pupils are encouraged solve problems, resolve conflict and confront challenges as they arise.

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“We are accountable for our actions to each other, to our stakeholders and to our Creator. We are committed to leading a positive lifestyle with a healthy balance between work, family, enjoyment and personal needs. We are trustworthy, empathetic, truthful, loyal and just.”

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