School Life at Trident College

Life at Trident is centred on the idea that young people of all nationalities and backgrounds can live, work, and learn together in a structured environment. Interaction with adults and a diverse group of students allows for greater opportunity to develop intellectual ability and cultural awareness. Respect for the environment, our property and above all the people whom we interact with on a day to day basis is at the core of our values. Innovation, integrity, taking personal responsibility and reflection are encouraged in all areas of school life. Our students learn to make choices in their daily lives in order to find their own unique passions and purpose – all while making lifelong friendships.


"Trident is committed to providing students throughout the school with a diverse, challenging, enjoyable, and safe co-curricular experience to supplement the high quality of education they receive in the classroom."

The Sports, Outdoor Education, Art and Cultural activities along with the growing Community Service Programme, support the desire of our students to participate in a holistic education. The Outdoor Education programme is expanding to include outward bound activities along with physical challenges in the game reserve. Social Activities for the boarders are student lead and include movies, games nights and music orientated events along with fun floodlit sporting competitions.