Clubs and Societies

"Clubs and societies at Trident College enable students the freedom and opportunity to explore and develop interests and talents outside of the traditional curriculum areas and sporting platforms. This enables Trident students to widen their spheres and perspectives to become holistic and well-rounded learners, in and out of the classroom."

At Trident College, Clubs and Societies may be full time commitments such as in music and art where students are assessed and rewarded accordingly, or they can be extra-mural activities where participation is voluntary allowing students the opportunity to select areas of interest and develop new skills at any time in their school career.

The Duke of Edinburgh International Award is a vehicle to recognise areas of achievement in community service and skill, where students are encouraged to set themselves targets and push their individual boundaries for a collective good. As part of this programme students at Trident are offered the following: movie maker club, nature walks within the game park, choir and orchestral groups, chess, board games and strategic thinking, public speaking, drama and discussion/debating techniques, AR reading, library and research, spiritual community groups, agricultural club, composting and sustainable living. All of which unite the students and wider community in an atmosphere of camaraderie, fun and responsible development.