Outdoor Education

"Outdoor Education at Trident embraces the three pillars of Leadership, Environmental Awareness and Active Sustainable Living through pioneering projects in their local and national environment."

Trident is set on the edge of a game park in northern Zambia, where the outdoors offer an infinite classroom of inspiration. Each year group has an opportunity to experience this unique environment through group camps, Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award and themed challenges. As students’ progress through the school, their focus develops from tribal identity, physical challenge, personal mastery and finally to leadership. Each grow to be active global citizens developing their understanding of the inter-connection between self, nature and humanity

Where else can a child spend their afternoon cycling alongside giraffe and zebra after their morning classes, or enjoy a picnic at the waterfall with friends at the weekend. Trident offers all students the exclusive opportunity to challenge their individual boundaries in a unique environment impossible anywhere else in Zambia. School excursions, both local and international, broaden the perspective and experience of the entire Trident Community.