Pastoral Care

"The role of pastoral care within Trident is to enhance the educational life of students by promoting their spiritual, moral, emotional, social and physical development, preparing them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of adult life."

Trident fosters a safe and secure environment that enables each individual to be happy, engaged, productive, inspired and recognized. Students are able to seek help and advice from a number of adults; tutors, house staff, teachers or school counselors. All staff see themselves as pastoral carers, with the resources and experience to shape and guide the young people in their care into positive, confident adults. Each student is assigned a sporting house, and within that they are divided into male and female tutor groups. Each group consists of up to 12 students from across the year groups. The student will remain in that group throughout their time at Trident; this allows for strong bonds to develop within the group and with the tutor. Tutors meet with their tutees twice per week first thing in the morning.They are the first port of call for any queries or concerns that parents may have about their child. The tutors are key to building house-spirit; sometimes the morning meeting will be a whole-house meeting and tutor-challenges add to the competition between the houses.

Safe Guarding

"Safeguarding and child protection at Trident involves all school staff who play an essential role in preventing problems occurring, intervening at the earliest opportunity and being vigilant with regard to any form of abuse."

Trident’s commitment to the wellbeing, care and protection of every child and young person is paramount. The physical health of students is monitored by the House staff and the school nurse who is on site during day-time hours. In cases where the student needs further medical attention, they are referred to the Mary Begg Clinic and accompanied by a matron. Psychological support is offered when necessary by one of two school counsellors, however students are encouraged to seek advice from tutors or any staff member who they trust. Nurturing individuality and yet understanding and appreciating the differences of others is a central tenet of Trident’s philosophy. All major sports events are covered by the Mary Begg team who send an on-call ambulance and many staff are trained in First Aid. There are first aid kits in each of the boarding houses, science labs and classroom block. The school site, including staff houses, is surrounded by an electrified fence along with security guards patrolling the perimeter.