"Our values-based spiritual activities at Trident College aim to appreciate and value the uniqueness of each individual as created by God Himself and nurture these personal and individual gifts in order to develop all-rounded and responsible citizens of our wider world who are kind hearted, respectful and well behaved, applying Christian principles in treating others as they expect to be treated."

Though a secular school in the main, Trident College respects and encourages Christian biblical norms and principles while at the same time recognising the cultural and religious diversity that exists among students and staff alike. Rather than a divisive element, we consider our inherent diversity as our strength when we come together as a multi-cultural family in our chapel services which do not depict any particular church organisation or denomination. Our chapel services are not designed to indoctrinate or unfairly subject any student or staff to views that are contrary to what the Bible teaches. Decisions on what is taught are left to individual listeners themselves. In practicing this positive ‘moral’ way of behaving, all members of the school community are encouraged to promote Christian values where everyone feels safe, valued, respected and cared for. We welcome anyone to step forward and volunteer themselves to share with students and staff on any topic of Christian significance that they know is of benefit to the spiritual and moral development of our students. Our chapel services are conducted in the School hall or foyer every Wednesday morning and on the school sports fields each Sunday afternoon. As a formal school programme, chapel services are not optional and we encourage all our students to attend these special gatherings irrespective of their religious inclination or background